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Lingerie is not about men

Hey girls, let‘s talk about us! And hey boys, you’re always welcome here, I would even say this is the best place to get to know what women are craving for and how to fulfil their deepest wishes. Today’s post is a short introduction to what you’ll find here, on Maja Desire blog. Femininity, beauty standards, feelings, stereotypes, myths, and everything else that is going on in women’s lives. Daily struggles, tips, and tricks, fashion and style advice, motivation to love yourself, or just a place to get the inspiration. Women are sensitive, hardworking, powerful, beautiful, loving creatures that inspire and take care of each other every day and there is so much more to say about who we are and we will definitely talk about it on this blog. It is a very feminine blog, part of a lingerie and nightwear brand, therefore, underwear will be our number one topic, so you will be able to find many different details about it in one place. Types, style, brands, prices, photoshoots, different occasions and everything you need to know about it, but first of all, I would like to start with a golden rule that all of us should know. Lingerie is not about men, or at least it shouldn‘t be, it is about embracing yourself in the most beautiful way. You know, there’s something about the feeling of dressing up for yourself that makes you feel powerful. And despite the fact, that the best things in life aren’t things, we all have our weaknesses that can be pricey as hell! I guess you know what I am talking about and after a good purchase we say “But it was so worth it!”, just because it made us happy, right? Make yourself a priority and see the change in your life, you will be surprised how these little details can change the way you feel, and Maja Desire is here for you, to be your first or all-time favourite, comfortable or simply stunning lingerie and nightwear piece. Remember, nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.


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